Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday! Mornings can be tough for many people, especially beginning of the week.

1) Find Gratitude: Be thankful to have an opportunity to wake up and step out of bed. To have food to eat, even if it isn’t your favourite. To have clean water. There are plenty of aspects in this life we take for granted. More we appreciate little things in our lives the more we can celebrate larger accomplishments.

2) Set intentions: Start each day with a purpose and a to do list containing three top priority items.

3) Make a goal: Determine what you want to accomplish, how to improve, or something you want to start doing more or less often.

4) Schedule something to look forward: Write it down, highlight it, and keep it marked. Having something to look forward to will help in the times when work is dragging or you have to do something you don’t necessarily want to.

5) Track progress: Check a box, write it down, or take a picture. Measuring success and seeing results will help you stay on track during the whole process. We’ve heard nothing worth having comes easy. Well this also means the process to getting there isn’t going to be all flat. With challenges stems growth and opportunity. During the tough parts of the journey you’ll have a marker of how far you have come.

6) Involve others: Life is more enjoyable when shared with people. You have to find who your ‘people’ are and keep them close. Learn from each other and always be there for each other.

There was a common trend in most of the above points to write stuff down. There is almost a mental commitment the moment something is written down which makes it stick. Try it out. Take one of the points above, write it down, and check back a few days later. See if you stuck to it?

Most of the time this works!

Have a great day,

~ L

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