Mental Health at Work

Happy Friday! We have thankfully made it to the weekend, anyone have special plans?!

Today I am sharing with you something very near and dear to my heart. I will apologize for having this post up on Friday and not Wednesday. I started to think about this post after drafting it and truly put it into effect. This week was one of those weeks I chose to go to the gym four days in a row and not stay home. I am a neat freak and try to keep my room organized, but after doing laundry last weekend, I left everything tossed on my floor and thought it would be a good idea to start taking things out of my closet as well. Needless to stay, you still cannot see my floor and I am in for a massive project this weekend. Taking words from my mom, she couldn’t have said it better, I was seriously “Zen” every night this week. I even tried a spin class for the first time with my bestie!

Why I’m sharing this background with you is because working out and changing up your routine to do things which makes you happy is a strong contributor to mental health. Days at work can be draining, no matter how much you love your work!

Today we are going to be discussing Mental Health in the workplace. This is a very sensitive topic for many people and want to remind everyone they are not ever alone. We may not have ever spoken in person but please know I am always in your corner if you need someone to talk to.
My first encounter with mental health in the workforce came during a summer internship in University. I arrived downtown at work on a Monday morning to find ambulances and police officers on one side of the building. We were later informed a women had committed suicide in a washroom on her floor earlier in the day before working hours.
We all battle with our own issues and not everyone is as open with sharing these struggles. Whether the people you work with are just coworkers or your friends, we each handle situations and obstacles differently.
Mental health isn’t something you see when looking at someone and it isn’t always related to work. We have personal lives outside of work which also demand energy from us and can add different pressures. Ask someone new to join you in you are going with a group of people or even alone for a coffee, walk outside, or out to lunch. These little acts of kindness truly can go a long way.
Remember to be kind to everyone and listen when people are talking, you may of helped brighten someones day even if you don’t know it.
Have an amazing weekend,

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