Social Life vs Work Life – Personal Challenge

Hi Friends!
There is no denying as I become more engaged in pursuing career goals I am feeling a hit to my social life. Though my friends are great about not being able to catch up as often or even me responding to their messages frequently, I do feel a shift and have a sense of not being caught up with other people’s lives.
Creating a social circle outside of work helps you take a break from the ‘office’ and gauge what is happening in the world around you. I’m writing these tips out not just to share with all of you but also as a challenge to myself to get better with logging off and staying off to go out with friends on weeknights.
Personally I like predictability and knowing what my calendar is going to look like for a few days ahead. Then I can forecast when I’ll have time to fit other things into the schedule, such as errands!
Plan one social activity a week and stick to it: Once you make plans, stick to them. A while ago I was listening to a podcast and it was discussing how often we prioritize work, cancelling on life outside of the office. If we are able to prioritize meetings during the day, why should we not be thinking of social plans as ”meetings’ and stick to them? Place importance on your social life. I know, at my level, if I do not get done a task before leaving the office, the company I work for will not fall apart.

Make a Bucket List for ‘fun activities’: These activities do not necessarily need to be with people. They could be to go to a park and spend 30 minutes reading. Whatever you like to do!
Go outside: Now that the weather is warming up, get outside to see the light of day. Work days are busy and it’s easy to skip breaks. By the end of the day, it’s easy to feel drained and want lazy nights. Get moving during the day to promote refuelling on energy and taking a break to come back with a fresh pair of eyes.

Set a social night: Dedicate one weekday night as the night you go out with friends or get away from work. Having a constant date will help you plan things in advance and be more likely to stick with it.

While I don’t work excessive hours I find I think about work very often and it’s tricky for me to shut my mind off. Keep me accountable and make me check back with you on how my social challenge is going.

Have a great day!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. jaimieweb says:

    I really like these tips. I get so tired after work that I do not want to do anything. I am trying to have a better social life. It can be hard especially when your friends get busy too. This week I did a happy hour. I am proud of myself for that. The bucket list is an amazing idea!

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    1. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely relatable, there is only so much energy in the energy reserve to go around. Good for you for participating in Happy Hour! Even if it’s for a short time, nice to get out

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      1. jaimieweb says:

        I agree, it’s nice to get out sometimes.

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  2. jfree007 says:

    Awesome article! Usually what happens to me is that I’ll go out a lot one week and then be “radio silent” the rest of the month lol…it’s so hard to find that balance!

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    1. Thanks you for reading! Finding balance for yourself is certainly a million dollar question for everyone. Right when you find it. Something else spices up life and mixes up your flow


  3. Yep so important not to neglect self / socialising for work. At times I worked long hours but ultimately that company got rid of me (made me redundant). Great series. I’m doing a similar career series on a Weds. Let me know if you ever feel like doing a collab or guest post to publish on both sites. For example, I recently published letters from me know to me 17 with career advice. Yesterday published letter to future self about career hopes.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I will certainly check out your series as well. Funny how we both picked Wednesdays! Keep in touch, I’m interested in collars

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  4. These tips are genuinely great; the biggest thing I noticed about starting to work is what a backseat all my friendships took 😦 xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing. Really nice hearing other people are experiencing some of the same things. I did go over to my friends house for dinner last night and to look up trips, we didn’t leave until after midnight. Despite being a little tired today, spending the night giggling was worth less sleep. Everything has a cost.


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