Who am I?


Hi there, thanks for checking out Cracking Adulthood!
I’m a young professional residing in one of Canada’s metropolitan cities. If someone asked me years ago where I thought I would be after graduating University I’d confidently respond living in a chic downtown condo overlooking sky scrapers, working at a large marketing corporation, and travelling multiple times a year.
Well funny how things don’t always turn out to be what you envision. Fortunately one of those statements are true!
Upon graduating I was still living at home, working contract positions, and trying to get a grasp on how to deal with Adulthood. Driving my family crazy, it’s surprising they’ve let me stick around this long. Blood is thicker than water as I like to say.
Almost a year and a half later I’m one step closer to achieving this vision. Living at home was a blessing in disguise as it has allowed me to travel quite frequently, master organizing a family of five, & be provided with endless amounts of laughter. Don’t worry, some of the stories are too good not to share!
Cracking adulthood is a collection of tips, tricks, positive vibes, and funny stories in a mission to find inner happiness and balance in everyday life.
When life tries to crack you, make mac & cheese then show it who’s boss! (Popcorn works as well!)
I love meeting new people! Feel free to drop a comment below or send a message on the contact page.
See you soon,

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