CrackingAdulthood: Cubicle Career Series

Hi Friends! To start out, how many of you work office jobs? For majority of my jobs since University I have worked in an office and despite having a few years of office culture under my belt I am still learning how to navigate certain things.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.04.31 AM
As young professionals we have a lot to learn and figure out about our careers, including how to fit in with different office cultures. For the last month I have found myself scrolling Forbes on the daily in search of advice for professional guidance, a new love is forming. Maybe this is why my dating life is taking a seat on the back burner, haha. Only partially joking, I am trying to find my Mr. Handsome.

I bring dating into this series because of how many office romances exist in reality. I wonder what other young professionals thoughts are around dating coworkers and if this is a no-go territory. Personally, I haven’t ever seriously pondered if there is potential for a relationship outside of work. My autopilot comfort zone is to keep personal and professional lives very separate.

This new series is one I am so excited to start and if there are any specific topics you want me to write about or how I have handled just let me know!

Check back next week on Wednesday for our first CrackingAdulthood: Cubicle Career Series Post!

Have a great day and happy working!

Thanks for reading,

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