Today’s Results Determine Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Do you not enjoy your day job and long for the day you’ll be in a higher up position?

Successful people will preach their road to the top isn’t a straight line. Obstacles and roadblocks are very common to encounter making the fight truly difficult.

One aspect of their journey which often isn’t recognized is how tomorrow’s opportunities are based on how today’s job is performed. The more you dislike a task or role which is part of your job, the more you need to work at it to make it a strong point for yourself.

Workers harder doesn’t mean working longer hours, instead it applies to working smarter. Ask for help or guidance from someone who has experienced the same challenge and their process/steps to overcoming whatever your roadblock is.

We want to climb the ladder to success, but if you aren’t pushing yourself today to do your best and prove what you are capable of then how can anyone know how amazing you are.

Trust me when I say we all have aspects of our role we either aren’t strong in or don’t enjoy. No one is perfect. The next role won’t come our way if we don’t put in the effort today.

Rather than saying you don’t enjoy what you do and would rather not do it. Tell yourself I am going to be the best person in this role, setting a gold standard, there will be little reason to consider me for the next role.

Flip your mindset and work harder at those tasks. Working effectively today will grant better opportunities tomorrow.

Have a great week!



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