Mystery Blogger Award #2

Welcome back friends! Yesterday I brought you Part 1 of the Mystery Blogger Award and today is Part 2. Special shout out to The Captain’s Speech for his nomination. I’ve recently discovered his blog and you won’t want to miss his posts!

Let’s have a quick refresh of rules.


  • Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or funny one
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog


Three Facts about Me:

7 & 2 are my favourite numbers! I was born on the 7th day of the month, which will forever hold a strong significance to my family. Then two, well I don’t have an exact answer for. Maybe because I have two sisters who are my rock and believe in pairs for double trouble! Hehe

I’m a massive nerd! I love to learn and discover new things. I rely heavily on Google when something pops in my head and I need to know more about it right away. Depending on what else I’m doing or if I’m at work I’ll either write down my thought on a list or search Google in a new tab then read the results later in the day at home.

I ball my eyes out reading Nicholas Sparks books. This is quite possibly why I have turned to action movies the last few years. My favourite series are Fast & Furious and James Bond! More recently this weekend I couldn’t contain the tear watching the Longest Ride, my heart was melting!


1) What is your favourite topic to write about and why?

Travel is by far my favourite topic to write about. I love the excitement of planning a trip, packing, and then finally jet setting. Our world is massive with tons of hidden spots to enjoy. As an adult I’m more aware of how many people have a fear of flying or for more budget friendly options road trips are a perfect solution. Essentially, any adventure I can take I’m in!

2) Which TV show would you like to be in and what would your character be?

Well I don’t watch a lot of tv and only know of a few shows. Ones I tend to gravitate towards are solving crimes and helping people. I like happy endings where someones life is improved or answers are provided for closure.

3) When you were a kid, what was your favourite snack to bring to school?

One of my favourite snacks to bring to school were crackers and cheese. My love for this snack started early in life you could say! Even to this day I love trying new combinations of cheese and cracker platters. In my middle school days, the nickname “Crackers” stemmed from my last name. Ironically little did people know I truly loved crackers!

4) What’s an irrational fear you have?

Any insect which is smaller than a quarter, also count centipedes with that group! No joke I screamed when I went to the basement last night because a black widow spider was in the hallway on the group. Thankfully my sister came to my rescue to capture the little dude. These insects are smaller than us, yet they are fast movers!

5) Go on your phone. Click on your text messages. Scroll to the chat at the bottom of your list. Why haven’t you talked to that person lately? For bonus points, what was the last message that was sent in that chat?

Technically it’s a message from Apple about iCloud but where is the fun in that, haha. The second last message on my phone is from a university friend who I see every few months. The last message was from myself wishing her a Merry Christmas. We have a group chat with a few other friends over Facebook messaging, as well as send each other messages over Instagram. It’s nice we all talk often and keep up!

Today I nominate every blogger reading this post to take this as a nomination from me and answer the questions below! Many amazing bloggers are out there and I want to discover your blog!

Questions for Bloggers:

  • What is your favourite quote?
  • Who would you want to spend a day with if it could be any person?
  • What is an odd quirk about yourself?
  • If you were a utensil what would it be?
  • Do you have a superstition?

Have a great day and thanks for reading!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed your answers! I have a few comments:

    – Crackers and cheese was my favourite snack at school too! Ever since kindergarten. They’d be the small Ritz crackers and pieces of mozzarella cheese that my mom cut up and I’d make cracker and cheese sandwiches out of them. So good!

    – Those small insects are the worst. Late at night they just dart across carpet and then I have to chase them down with like 8 pieces of kleenex so I don’t touch it when I squish it. I’m not afraid of them, they’re just a big bother.

    – I’m the same way with relying on Google for information. I could reading through Wikipedia pages about old crime cases forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking back for answers! Absolutely hilarious. There was a centipede on the wall the other night and I actually counted out eight Kleenex hoping it would be enough. The little dude ran off too quickly though when I hesitated!

      Crime cases are terrifying!! How do you not have nightmares?! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Paul says:

        Hahah 8 is a very reliable number! I think they bank on us hesitating. Gives them time to scamper under a couch.

        I love crime cases! Especially cold cases. Never had a nightmare from them. I guess I have weird dreams in general. The other night I dreamt that I was going to eat my phone because it was announced that cellphones are actually chocolate bars in disguise…. This got way off topic lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We all have interesting dreams. Remembering them the next day takes talent gaha

        Liked by 1 person

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