Lush Cosmetics

My first introduction to Lush Cosmetics was long ago when my Aunt sent my Mom a large gift basket of products. Bright coloured bath bombs were the first items to catch my eye. I swore that when I was older I would try these cool coloured products. True to my word, here I am a long time after using lush cosmetics in my current beauty route.

Most recently my favourite product is their Coffee Mask. I’m allergic to avocados and have to be careful with some of their products as they have come into contact with avocados during the production process. These masks have proven to be safe and haven’t had any reactions to them – fingers crossed nothing changes.

IMG_7057 3

IMG_7058 2

I like how this mask only takes 15 minutes to clean your skin and leave it feeling super smooth. Every since I was a teen my face has broken out with really bad acne. I’ve found the more I moisturize my skin the less severe breakouts have become. Thank goodness for make up, saved my confidence a lot!


Containers sizes are fairly large and have a best before date roughly two months after purchase. This mask can be stored in your bathroom; where as Lush Cosmetic fresh masks have to be stored in a fridge and expire two weeks after purchase.

Although I’m not vegan, if you are vegan, their products will be identified with a universal “V” symbol for products using legal ingredients. Some have honey which would could be the only non vegan ingredient. Depending on how strict of a vegan lifestyle you follow by sure to read all ingredients thoroughly.

Are there any face masks or products you have used to help improve your skin?

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
~ L

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