Fashion on a Budget

These days I feel really cheap walking into a store and checking price tags first. Since I’m trying to master this whole “adulthood” life, living off of a budget means I decreased some categorizes to balance my pay. Shopping was one of the first to be impacted. One way which helped straight of the bat was to not make detours on my way home from work just to pick up a “few” items. This meant I’ve had to stick to a strict list I’ve made before going shopping. Another way is implementing a “24 Hour Rule” for materialistic items, not food or any essentials. When I see an item I would like to have, not need to have, then I wait 24 hours to see if I still remember that item and want it more than when I was in the store. I found for my decision making process it has helped to take a picture or the item, including price tag visibility, to aid in the purchasing decision 24 hours later. Often times I find I forget about why I wanted the item and thankfully this has stopped many impulse buys. I’d love to here your tricks to staying on budget and if you’re an impulse buyer!

For clothing shopping I’ve make it tight these days to keep me on track for long term goals. Plus I love traveling and by calling back drastically I’ve had many opportunities to take weekend getaways and explore our world.

Discussing budgets are quite subjective, just as ones personal style is. We all have different comfort levels when it comes to parting with our money to make a purchase. Some people eat out for dinners a few times a week (guilty!), where others like to buy designer items which are always on trend. As difficult as it is try not to ever let someone talk you into spending money on something you will want to return or collect dust. You’ve made the money, covered life expenses, and now get to dictate how the extra dollars are spent.

When shopping for clothing these are a few of the pieces I like to add to my closet and try to keep each piece below $30, $20 is a bargain. Same goes for purses, fortunately I do have a few designer Coach purses from years ago which are in great shape and I continue to use. For staples items, below are a few pieces I have found work really well and can be changed up easily for different looks.


  • Rompers & Dresses – One piece of clothing and makes deciding what to wear a whole lot easier in the mornings.IMG_6482IMG_6264
  • Basic Cotton Shirts – Extremely comfortable and easy to layer these should be a staple in your wardrobe.


  • JeansMarshalls & Winners are my saving grace for finding great deals, especially for denim.


  • Accessories – Belts, necklaces, shoes, hair pieces, hats, etc.

What are your style tips for building a wardrobe on a budget?

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
~ L

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