Travel Bucket List

Happy Travel Tuesdays! I could go on and on about how much I love to travel. As I age I’ve preferred to spent money on experiences versus materialistic items. Funny how I don’t look back twice on travelling costs but shelling out hundreds for shoes, not a chance! Maybe this will change if I become a millionaire magically but for now I’m going to continuing adding to my bucket list and crossing off trips one year at a time.

  1. British Columbia: Located in Western Canada and covered by the Rocky Mountains I’ve always wanted to travel there since I was little. In December I had a layover in Vancouver, which was absolutely stunning to fly over.


  2. Greece: Described as an Instagram perfect picture opportunity, Greece looks absolutely serene.


  3. Italy: Pizza, pasta, wine, and gelato…now that’s a winning combination for a perfect meal. As a pizza lover, this would be an incredible cuisine experience.

    manarola-greece-italy-516024Italy Venice 2016 r 479198475_Static

  4. Hawaii: Located on the west coast of the United Stated, Hawaii is a collection of gorgeous islands. Volcano searching, hiking, beaches, surfing, this would be an amazing beach vacation!


  5. Las Vegas: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! I’d go for a long weekend just for the experience and shows but not for the famous gambling as I have no idea how to play blackjack or poker.


  6. Alaska: Populated with wild animals, I’d love to see all the nature and a calmer pace of life than in the city.


  7. New Zealand: Pictures honestly just look stunning!


  8. Fiji: Another picture perfect place in this world. I’d dreamed about staying in a villa over the water with a glass floor.


Where would you like to travel to?

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
~ L

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. I live in wanderlust all the time. And these places look amazing.

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    1. Dreaming of where to go next. Thank goodness for long weekend trips, they save the wallet!


  2. Amazing photos! I want to go to all of these beautiful places!

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    1. Thank you! It was the trip of a lifetime

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  3. So many things on your list are on mine! Greece, Hawaii, and BC are SO up there for me as well 🙂 in addition to Russia!

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    1. Great minds think alike! Where are you from?

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      1. I agree! 🙂 I’m from Ohio in the USA what about you?

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      2. Very nice! Ontario, Canada 🙂

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      3. Awesome! If you can believe it I’ve never been to Canada! I’ll have to change that! 🙂

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      4. If you have the chance come explore! West coast is nice for the mountains, central for larger cities, and east coast for amazing seafood.

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      5. Ideally I’d love to do it all 🙂 but seafood is my one true love haha

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      6. If you fly on Air Canada part of their safety videos shows storing lobsters under the seat in front of you. Makes me laugh every time! Catch it in the morning and bring it home for dinner haha


      7. What?!?!? Lol that is amazing!

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  4. Those are some amazing pictures! I’ve lived in three Chinese cities in nine years, using ESL teaching to pay the way. I lived in England, using getting a masters’ degree as my excuse. And I’ve visited Vietnam, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

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    1. Incredible – you have had some amazing travel experiences!


      1. Thanks. It wasn’t intentional. I was just looking for jobs that could pay my bills while I wrote novels. I didn’t mean to enjoy myself so much. That just sort of happened.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Definitely triggered my travel bug again!

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    1. Once you catch the travel bug it is difficult to get rid of haha


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