3 in 1 Wrap Styles

Hi Everyone!

When I was in Australia a few of my travel buddies who were backpacking were raving over a their Turkish wraps. They used them in many different ways and was easy to carry around with them. By the end of my trip I was sold and picked one up at a local mall. Honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made; from a towel, blanket, and wearable wrap, this is one must have item!

Most recently I brought it to Collingwood and wore it a few different ways. Comfort always wins in my books and tied it over a dress for an evening stroll. Used a hair elastic to keep the front ends fastened.


Tied in the front for a bathing suit cover up before hitting the pool.


Tied in the back for a high low type of skirt.


A massive scarf for the winter.


Even lounging at home I’ll curl up with this massive wrap. Completely multipurpose and durable! I’ve washed it many times and has lasted well.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
~ L

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