Purse Essentials

Most of us have items we like to keep with us when we leave home to run errands or meet friends. For some of us these are a few items and for others (mostly me) we carry way too many things with us. I typically have random things in my purse but in an effort to trim materialistic items I’ve also taken this to cut down on my purse essentials. After close evaluations of cleaning out my purses here are the items which were constant in many of them:


Hand cream: Especially in the winter my hands become very dry. When cream is within close reach, they stayed smooth for majority of winter.

Sanitizer: Germs on my hands have always bothered me! Ever since I was little, I’ve taken a fond fascination to washing my hands and keeping them clean.

Battery pack: As our phones have so many features and provide information at our finger tips, I’m on my device quite often. Social media and taking pictures are the main causes and these also happen to drain my battery. Between gifts and one massive brick charger I bought, I try to always keep a portable charger with me. Also handy for times of emergency or when there are only two wall power outlets and three people.

Wallet: Identification, cash, plastic cards, these are all essentials for me! I also have a card for emergency contacts in case I’m in an accident.

Cell phone: I honestly feel lost without my phone, I rely on the maps feature for directions sometimes. I have a very poor sense of direction, thankfully technology comes to my aid frequently.

Camera: Most of the time these days I’ll bring my camera along to snap pictures or more recently videos. I prefer the quality from my camera versus iPhone.

Overdrive book: Technically on my phone, I like to have a book downloaded to read when I have some time to wait. With the Toronto Public Library you can download books for free with your library card straight to your device for up to 21 days. They also have audio books available.

Water bottle: Keeping a water bottle with me at all times has helped me drink more water and I noticed my skin clears up when I’m hydrated.

Gum: Chewing gum means I snack less and avoid temptations when I’m out.

Bandaids: These are technically in my wallet but I have them majority of the time in my purse as a mini first aid kit.

Foundation Powder: My face breakouts pretty badly, especially at certain times of the month. Keeping foundation with me allows for quick touch ups while I’m out and feeling fresh.

Sunglasses: Protection for your eyes from the suns harmful rays are important for overall health.

What are some of your essentials?

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
~ L

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  1. Keeping the water bottle close is a great idea since I actually forget to drink water. Love your blog btw

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, really enjoyed reading yours!! Blogging has become a super fun hobby.


      1. I’ve been writing on Wattpad for a little over a year now but from the start, blogging has appealed to me more and more. Probably since I was 13 and now 5 years later…

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