Purging #2: Too Much Stuff

Happy Hump Day! This week is flying by since I’m home on vacation mode. As lovely as being on vacation mode is I get bored easily when I’m not super busy. On rainy days, I’ve made it my mission to get our family house cleaned up and organized. All my family members, including myself, are guilty of holding onto items we think we will use or need in the future. However they have sat around collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

Does anyone else have clutter you’ve been meaning to dispose of? Keep telling myself majority of people don’t have almost perfectly organized homes and it’s okay to have a “storage room”.

To start I set a block of time and then assignment one organization task which can be completed in that amount of time. Breaking up these tasks into smaller projects helps me feel less overwhelmed and accomplished at the end of the day.

Play some music or a podcast for some background noise. I tend to get distracted if I have a show playing. Next my mindset is to pick up one item and mentally run by this check list:

Have I used this item in the last six months?

Will I use this item in the next six months?

What condition is this item in?

What can this item be used for? Is it multiple purpose?

Do I have something else similar to this item?

Will someone else be able to use this item?

If I were to move would I take it with me?

Does this item provide worthy value?

After assessing and running over my list of questions, I can better determine if I should Keep, Toss, or Donate.

Last week I tacked one of our many bookcases in our house. We love to read and have over 500 books but some we haven’t after reaching once. Value Village is our local donation centre, they were extremely helpful with taking books, bedding, and some old clothes of mine.

Slowly but surely we will get all this cleaned up…organization is an ongoing task for me!

What are your organization tips?

~ L

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