Family Road Trip

One of the most important things in life to me is my family. We are thick as thieves and always have each other’s back. Together we have learned to get over disagreements quickly and look at the bigger picture of what will really matters.
Learning these lessons have made family trips an enjoyable experience. We usually only go as far as a three hour drive from home, a few times we have ventured as far as 12 hours driving each way for family functions. Believe life is all about making memories with special people.
A few helpful points I’ve learned while travelling with family:

  • Be flexible: Schedules are going to change with more people and especially if there is a large gap in age. Also consider your families energy levels, some like more fast pace trip where others go for relaxing.
  • Pack Snacks: Snacks are always a great idea and keeps everyone happy between meals.
  • Kitchens in Rooms: When booking your room check what cooking options are available. We prefer to have ones with full kitchens in our room to cook a few meals. A few of our meals we’ll eat out at restaurants but prefer to cook when we can! Meal preparation is key to making food our whole family will eat.
  • Expect to stop: Every 2 to 3 hours we stop along the way for a washroom break and/or to a local store to tour. Breaks don’t have to be longer than a few minute but are a great opportunity to stretch your legs after sitting for a while.
  • Pack for rainy days: Weather can be unpredictable and being stuck inside on your trip isn’t ideal. Bring a few activities: adult colouring, deck of cards, books, or magazines.
  • Patience: Expect everything you do to take more time. Trips are about going with the flow sometimes.
  • Be open minded: Try something outside your comfort zone even if someone else in your family suggests it. You may really enjoy it and find something new.

IMG_7453 2

Most importantly is to have fun and snap a picture where you can!

Have you ever taken a road trip?

~ L

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