Have you ever wanted to try a restaurant but it happens to be way out of your price range? If you said yes, you’re not alone, I run across this quite often especially living in an expensive city. Luckily Toronto has run a program with over 200 hundred restaurants offering fixed three course meals for lunch and dinner over a 16 day period twice a year called Summerlicious & Winterlicious.

Depending on the restaurant some menus include dishes off of their regular menu and some new creations. All offerings have to be submitted for review before they are selected to partake in Summerlicious or Winterlicious. Typically each course (appetizer, main, and dessert) will have three or four options to select from.


This year Summerlicious is running between July 7th to 23rd. With this program it gives you a chance to try these restaurants without breaking the bank. Keep in mind what will add up is tax and tip, as well as drinks are separate. Lunch menus cost $18, $28, & $38, while dinner costs $28, $38, or $48 per person.


Here you can narrow down restaurants based on price, cuisine, accessible restaurant, vegan or vegetarian option, locally sourced, or location. Highly recommend making reservation as many restaurants fill up for prime dinner spots. However, who doesn’t love a great lunch instead, then you can keep the day going whether it’s with friends or a date you’re trying to impress! Hehe




Sassafraz was one of my favourite restaurants to try for Winterlicious in January. Other restaurants I’ve tried and would go back to include: Batch, Beaumont Kitchen, Bier Markt, Cactus Club, Canyon Creek, Cibo Wine Bar, Los Colibris, Luma, Matisse, Merlot, Oliver & Bonacini, Reds, Spice Route, & Wish.

Do you have a favourite restaurant to dine at?

~ L

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  1. When I lived in Nanjing, some other Americans and I went into a restaurant and found that the cheapest dish was 100 RMB. That’s less than $20, but still three times as much as a good meal usually costs in China. I wanted to stay and see if it really was three times as good, but the other Americans balked and we went to a dumpling and noodle place to eat for 5 RMB each. But that night the ladies among us got a hankering for American food so we went to an Irish pub called “Finnegan’s Wake” and had hamburgers and drinks for, wait for it, 100 RMB each. I was annoyed.

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    1. When you travel with other people who have different budgets, compromising can be very difficult. Everyone has a different threshold of how much they are willing to spend on certain activities. Would you go back?


      1. Actually we were all colleagues at the same university in Nanjing, so I know roughly how much they made. Some of them made more money than I did. And those five years in Nanjing were some of the happiest of my life.

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