Summer Bucket List

We have finally started to see some summer weather here and loving this heat. Here seeing temperatures in the mid 20s is about normal for summer, which is cool for some but welcome to Canada!

For the last few summers I’ve created a bucket list to help generate ideas when I need to find something to do and a way getting me moving. Have you ever created one?
This summer my list includes:
1) Creating more interesting blog content: Blogging has become one part of the day I look forward to the most. Writing about topics people are interested in keeps all you readers engaged and helps us grow!
2) Have a picnic in the park: An inexpensive activity to get some friends together and have a lot of fun is having a picnic! Potlucks are also great, where everyone brings a dish to eat and you can play games or toss around a ball.
3) Read four books: As I age I’ve picked up a joy of reading. During my commute on the train I find reading helps to keep me zen even when we experience massive delays or trains are extremely stuffy. I can zone out everything and focus on the story. I also really like even numbers, not a fan of odd numbers except for seven, so this is why I picked four. It’s achievable! In some cases, like ith numbers I have a touch of OCD.
4) DIY Projects: There are a few projects I’ve wanted to try around the house, including hacking some old furniture to give them a little love with some paint and changing out old hardware. It’s amazing what a can of paint can accomplish!
Do you have any items on your bucket list?
~ L

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