Luggage Buying Guide

Summer time is prime time to travel and explore our planet. Even if it’s a quick weekend getaway to a local city, you’ll have to pack a bag to go! As a lady who packs a lot, I’ve learned from experience what to look for when buying a bag or luggage to haul my items in. Although the last trip I was converted to the carry on only method of flying.

When using luggage there are a few things I look into before making an investment:

1) Zippers & Expandable – For a heavy packer thick zippers and ability to expand is a savings. Have you ever had to sit on your luggage to zip it up?! Well I have been in this position more than once and having an option to expand your luggage to fit all those souvenirs saved some stress!
2) Locks – Now a days when your flying ensure your lock is TSA approved. This means that airport security has a universal key which can open all TSA approved locks and won’t have to break it off if your piece is pulled for a secondary search. Personally prefer to have the lock built into the luggage.
3) Weight of Frame – Fees are increasing for overweight luggage when flying and it’s essential to cut weight where you an. The lighter the weight of the frame overall, more weight you have to work with when packing.
4) Materials – New technologies have come up with some high quality industructable materials. Hard sided is my preference as it has protected all my items and won’t crush while banging around on your flight.
5) Size – Determine the correct size to fit your traveling lifestyle. If you fly often without checking luggage you might want to max out the size of the carry on. Where as if you pack for checking luggage you’ll want to see the standard sizes across more of the airlines you’re flying with.
Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.46.52 PM
6) Handles – Lugging bags around can be heavy and awkward depending on the handle design. Test is out before buying, if possible, to see the most comfortable grip for you. As well as ensuring the handle folds down not to get caught on anything.
7) Wheels – More is better in this case! Four wheels is becoming part of new designs and found it makes life way easier when pulling bags over a variety of surfaces.
8) Interior design – Some people prefer multiple pockets, others may want the zipper to have two equal compartments. Determine what is the best design for yourself to stay organized while living out of a bag.
9) Warranty – Always check what the warranty provided with the purchase will cover. It would be awful to spend money on a piece of luggage only for it to break after the first time.
10) Design – When your bag arrives at the airport on the carousal you’ll want to be able to notice yours quickly.
These are just a few of my tips. I personally have had excellent results with Heys products from luggage, packing cubes, shoes bags, toilette hanging bags, etc.
Happy Travels,
~ L

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