Meditation Challenge Update 

Happy Monday! Did you all have a great weekend? On Friday I wrapped up a contract position and am back on the hunt for a new job. This morning I did find it hard to wake up and get going but when one door closes another one opens. Keep telling myself it’s in my mindset, I will find a job I enjoy and can grow with.

A few weeks ago I talked about Meditation. Well since then I’ve meditate twice. Yes only twice and both times were first thing in the morning. I found if I woke up later than I have myself an excuse to skip it. Well believe it’s time to give this a second shot. I mean I have more time now making my own schedule.

First thing first is download or find a meditation program to follow. I’m planning to use Headspace.
Next up is to schedule a block of time to complete this task.
Now comes time to actually meditate.
Lastly is to record (write down, check it out, etc.) you completed a meditation session and reflect on progress made.

While I know for myself it will take sometime to learn how to quiet thoughts in my mind, in due time I’m hoping this should become as relaxing as I find yoga to be. My intentions are to find more outlets in my everyday live I can easily used to calm down when I become stressed or worked up.

My goal is do Meditate for 10 days straight and then check-in with you all. I also encourage you to join me and try this challenge.

Let me know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day,
~ L

PS New YouTube vide is up!

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  1. Keenoahmom says:

    I think this is a great challenge! I’m in 🙂 I too struggle with consistency when it comes to meditating, so this will be interesting. I use a meditation app called “inside timer”.

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    1. Thank you! Haven’t heard of that app, will have to check it out. On Day three here!

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