Book Review: The Power of Broke

Some know him from his clothing empire; others may of heard his name from Shark tank. Daymond John is his name and the author of ‘The Power of Broke‘.
Give credit where credit is due and I must praise the way Daymond included many inspirational figures outside of his own success story in The Power of Broke. Each time looping these examples back to his key points in the book. 

This book is one where I’ll have to read it multiple times to fully grasp each chapter. The way of selecting a variety of success stories to discuss provided readers with the opportunity to relate and connect to at least one persons journey. They were ranged in age groups, goals, intentions, and paths to building their businesses. 

After finishing this read I was left with a greater sense of motivation and understanding of the amount of time it will take to accomplish my goals. Highlighting ups and downs there is no straight path to finding your success and even when you do, you won’t want to stop there. Keep going and achieve more than you had originally thought possible in the early days. 

Overall my rating is four out of four stars.


Currently searching for more books to read, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment or message me. 

Thanks for reading,

~ L 


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