Camping Guide 

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week started off well yesterday. My apologies for the post being a few hours later than it typically is up. After arriving home yesterday I was completely exhausted and tried to clean up a bit before an earlier bed time.

Summer camping season has began! Last year I camped at Boots & Hearts, but that was a little different then this year. As a Girl Guide growing up, we went tent camping during every season. This past weekend a few friends and I went camping for the Canada Day long weekend and here are some things I’ll remember for next time.


Gas in Car: You’ll want to ensure your gas tank is full. Country gas is usually a lot cheaper than in the city so be sure to take full advantage and top up your tank on the way home. Also plan your route and check for local stops along the way incase of emergencies.

Jumper cables: An emergency kit is critical for traveling distances, especially if you are caught on the side of a country dirt road.

Spare tires: Check to ensure your car has a spare tire.


Cooler to keep food cold: We purchased ice at the camp site to top up the cooler during the weekend. Food has to stay cold to avoid getting sick, especially meats and dairy products.

Method to cook: Whether over a fire, grill, or barbecue ensure you know how you’ll be cooking before you go to easily plan out meals and snacks. We planned to cook on a fire the whole time but with the rain ended up only making dinner on there. Luckily we brought other food (wraps, veggies, chips and dip, etc.) which could be eaten cold for breakfast and lunch. Wr

Cooking supplies: A metal grill, roasting sticks, tongs, etc. – for cooking your food easily.

Wood for fire: It’s a good idea if you are making a fire to keep some newspaper or plain paper without any coating for a fire starter. Kindling is also great if you can get some to start fires. Even if you’re not cooking over a fire, then are nice to sit around and stay warm at night.

Plates, Forks, Utensils, Napkins, and Paper Towels: A necessity for many, including myself to eat your food with and clean up afterwards.

Camp chair: Somewhere to sit or a picnic table. Our site provided a table for us to use.

Garbage bags: To avoid unwanted visitors, aka bears, ensure your food is locked up in your car. if food is left in your tent an animal may visit you and this would not be a lovely encounter in the middle of the night.



Tent: A sheltered area to sleep and protect you from the outside elements.

Air mattress or foam pad: A nice to have item is an extra layer between you and the ground.

Sleeping bag & Pillow: Temperatures often drop at night and having extra layers makes for a good nights sleep.



Swimming: If you’re swimming consider bringing floating devices for the water. My friends thought to bring these which worked out really well because the water was quite cold.

Deck of cards, a book, or games: Something to help pass the time. There may not be cell service or you could run out of data before you even get to camping, like me!


Layer up: Temperatures near water are usually colder and change quickly. Wearing long sleeves also will help prevent a few bug bites. Even with layers and sleeping in a hoodie I’m covered and itchy with bug bites.



Insect repellent: Bugs are out everywhere!

Sunscreen & Aloe Vera Gel: Protect your skin from skin cancer and burns! If you do get a burn either by the sun or cooking, Aloe Vera gel is a natural remedy. I use Natures Aid.

Flash light: Extremely helpful at night because there will be very little lights and walking to the washrooms at night on rough terrain can be fatal.


Tips for the rain:

  • Keep any firewood covered, as wet wood is difficult to burn.
  • Remove all objects from the side of the tent anywhere with something pressed against the edge will leak.
  • Bring clothes and shoes you don’t care about. They will most likely get very dirty and wet!
  • Place a tarp under your tent, this will make rolling up a tent way easier if it isn’t all muddy.
  • We did go into two towns to check out some local places because the rain was making the site extremely muddy and there isn’t much to do in that case. Keep your schedule flexible. It’s vacation after all!



Happy Camping!

~ L

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