Monday is here again?!

Happy Monday! We are on a long weekend celebrating Canada Day and I went away camping with some friends. When this post goes live I’ll probably still be sleeping in a tent listening to the birds chirping by a lake. One thing is for sure, I won’t be looking forward to leaving and going back to ‘real life’. I’m thankful I have the opportunity and ability to go on weekend adventures, but especially after being away getting back to the swing of things are tricky.

A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with friends and one of the girls are still in school. She expressed her concern of adult life and finding drive to get everything done. This is where I had to share some tips which help me. Growing up I was always on the go – there were school years where I didn’t have a day off during the week. Attending school during the week, dancing 5 to 7 days, volunteering at the studio, and working Saturday mornings. When I was younger this routine worked for me because I didn’t have a chance to get distracted watching tv or wasting time in other ways. Now I wonder where all that energy went. As I grew older my threshold for ‘busy’ changed. These days I still like having a set schedule and planning out my time.

To help me make week days less chaotic for myself I’ve learned Sundays are my prep days. Here is what I try to accomplish, there are times I don’t get it all done and then finish the list on Monday night.

Laying out my clothes: From Monday to Friday I layout my work clothes and anything else I may need to take with my on that day. Building an outfit before hand is one less decision I have to make in the morning before getting out the door.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.30.35 PM

Planning my week: Quite a few times I’ve raved about my Passion Planner planner but it keeps me accountable for where I spend my time or otherwise get distracted. I like seeing this visual representation of what I have to get done, upcoming events, and where to go.

Meal prep: Clean eating takes works. Buying lunch every day would be extremely easy to do, thanks to a downtown work location, however then I would stress over all the money I wasted eating out and lack of healthy choices available. Controlling what I eat gives me more energy during the day and the freedom to save money. A staple recipe for me is the Oh She Glows Salad, which I change up ingredients for based on what is in the fridge. This recipe is perfect to make on a large batch and have for lunches Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday night I’ll make something new, preferably using leftovers from Wednesdays dinner.

Laundry: Will clothes fold themselves? Thankfully technology has evolved and we have machines to wash our clothes. I still remember my late Grandma washing clothes by hand at the cottage. Ensuring my laundry is folded and placed away is another way I prep for the week. Also there is something about starting the week off with fresh bedding, maybe it’s phycological but I usually have a better sleep.
Earlier bedtime: Lastly I try to unwind at an earlier time and be in bed by 10. A few months again I started charging my devices on the other side of my room and flip them over so no lights from notifications can be seen. Also helps in the morning by forcing me to get out of bed to turn off my alarm.

What are your tips?
~ L

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