Low Calorie Drinks

Happy Fit Friday! Only a few years ago did I start to learn about the effects of consuming sugary drinks. Does anyone else love sweet drinks? I have a massive sweet tooth and it carries over to all types of sweets. For drinks, I’ve switched to healthier alternatives and cut out ones high in artificial sugars.
The change wasn’t easy but now I don’t consider going back to them. Cutting these out gave me more energy and led way to eating a more balanced diet.

A few off my favourite drink combinations are:

Zevia – a cleaner alternative to pop or soda. Root beer is one of my favourite flavours and tastes very similar to other popular brands. Their “Ginger Ale” does taste different than traditional brands however for a healthier option, this one wins out!

Flavoured Water – personally find water can get boring to drink. Try infusing water with lemons, limes, mint, cucumbers, berries, or a combination of them. When I want to make it a little fancier, use a splash of Perrier.

Iced Tea – Make a pot of tea, I tend to double up the tea bags, and let it steep overnight in the fridge. Enjoy all day! With this I don’t add any sugars or milk but you certainly can, just beware of how much sugar and what type you are using.

Kombucha – Fermented Tea rich in antioxidants and low in calories, GT’s my trusted brand.

What are some of the drinks you like?

Have a great weekend,

~ L

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  1. I have been drinking Zevia on vacation and using it as a mixer! The root beer is my favorite!

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    1. Their products are great! Have you tried any other flavours?


      1. I have also tried ginger ale which I like, and cream soda which was definitely not my favorite!

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      2. Haha thanks for the tip…I’m not a huge fan of cream soda

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