Top Travel Mug

No secret I am one of the millions who love having tea and/or coffee daily. Tea I can drink plain but not at all with coffee. Trying to be frugal I bring my own latte in the morning from home to work and then use the kettle at work for afternoon tea. Usually twice a week I let myself buy a tea or coffee at lunch and change up the scenery to write these blog posts.

You could say I’ve used a lot of travel mugs over the years and one has become my top choice – Contigo. From a stainless steel container to a tight sealing lid these travel mugs truly keep your drinks hot.

One trick I use to keep my drinks extra hot is fill the mug with hot water for a few minutes, 3 to 5, before pouring in my hot drink. When you do go to drink it press the button to release any built up steam to avoid burning yourself.

Besides the convienient press button I also like easy to hold design.

As I want all my reviews to be honest I have had this mug leak on me a few times in my purse when it was filled with water and tossed around in my bag. Their newer designs have a lock at the top to stop the button from being pressed easily. I may have to invest in one of those designs.

These mug and other products are available at local stores, amazon, Walmart, Costco, and their website. in addition pricing is very reasonable for all their products.

Have a great day,
~ L

**This is not a sponsored post but I’d love to collaborate with products and brands. All opionions are my own.

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