Backyard Oasis DIY

Patio season has finally arrived, technically! After a long cold winter we’ll take all the sunshine we can get. Despite one of my least favourite chores being yard work I love having everything setup and spending as much time out there as possible, until the mosquitoes come out to play! Fortunately living at home means I have a lovely space I couldn’t otherwise afford. I’ve thought a lot about home ownership lately and all the expenses which come with it. There is no way of affording a place before 30 on my dime, at least not in this city. Where are you all from, anywhere with affordable housing?

We have two distinct areas in our backyard – patio space and grass for playing. We took on the backyard project three or four years ago and breaking it up into smaller parts to split up the costs.  Our sitting area on the patio contains chairs, couch, daybed, ottomans, and a table from Gluckstein Home sold at The Bay. These photos are a collection over the years as I haven’t fully set up this patio this year because the weather hasn’t quite heated up. Heard it’s burning in places like Arizona!

In the dinning area we went to Home Outfitters for our set and filled in with accessories from a variety of stores: Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Chapters, Home Outfitters, Winners, and other one off finds.



The one aspect I’m not huge about for both furniture sets is having to take all cushions inside when it rains. If anyone has found covers they recommend, please share!

As we continue to change up the design I’ll blog about an update. As for now chances are you’ll find me on the daybed trying to work on my tan.


Have a wonderful day!

~ L

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