Red Wine Stain Removal Hack

A few weeks again in Ottawa the girls were drinking some red wine and I was sipping on Maple Tea bought earlier in the day. Then I was going to have some white wine. Music was playing, dance moves were happening, and we were getting ready to go out for dinner. Well hotel rooms are tight and as one girl turned around another one of my friends arms was knocked. In the blink of an eye red wine on the white duvet, carpet, and fortunately on the outside of a piece of luggage shut literally less than a minute before.

One of the girls knew right away how to take the stains out. The white duvets were sparking in the parts we cleaned…made the rest of it look quite dirty!

To remove wine pour salt or sugar, salt is the preferable choice over the stain. Let it sit for a few minute. Rise off the salt/sugar. Then add club soda or Perrier to a cup and with a paper towel or cloth dab the area.

Repeat if needed depending on the magnitude of the stain.

Best of luck! Remember it isn’t worth crying over spilled wine, until those tears are from laughing over what happened!

~ L

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