Must See Travel Spots – Canada

Happy Travel Tuesday! Canada is celebrating 150 years and to commemorate this occasion I’m going to take you Coast to coast highlighting all the amazing things to do here. I’ve visited a few parts of Canada and anywhere I haven’t Google helped me bring this list to you!



Beginning in the West and ending in the East:
British Columbia:

Known for their stunning mountains and residing on the Pacific Ocean BC is a nature lovers paradise. Explore the Rocky Mountains, go whale watching, or take a hike. In the winter Whistler has Canada’s best slopes for skiing and snowboarding.



Located in the Northern region of Canada Kluane National Park with Canada’s highest peak Mount Logan. Up north the population is very sparse and you can expect to run into some incredible wildlife.

The Rocky Mountains also cut into Alberta and can be seen throughout many different cities in this province. A few of my favourite locations to visit include: Jasper, Kananaskas, Lake Louise, & Banff . Into the cities Calgary is also a great spot with a happening downtown venter. If you’re into anent creatures check out Drumheller’s Dinosaur exhibit.



A complete change from its neighbours to the left, Saskatchewan is mainly flat land used for agriculture. Their capital city is Regina with a population around 250,000 people.

Northwest Territories:

Remote landscapes and a one in a lifetime experience will happen in Northwest Territories.



Known for Beluga whales and bears, near Churchill River. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and home to many local shops and restaurants. I’ve only visited once when I was a child!



The last of our northern destinations, with extensive land to explore Nunavut has plenty of rich culture.


This is one place I know very well…haha! Toronto is the main city and one of the largest in Canada. The capital city of Canada, Ottawa is located here as well. Huge in economic develop and It is also on the border with Niagara Falls drawing in many tourists. Plenty of sports team to watch as well! From parks to concrete jungles there is truly something for everyone.



French is the main language in Quebec, however Canada is bilingual. Main cities to visit are Montreal and Quebec City – last year I visited Montreal and absolutely fell in love with the charm of downtown.

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island (PEI):

Along the coast and known as the eastern provinces these threes look absolutely stunning to visit. Fresh seafood is an absolute must have if you visit here. Bays of Funday Falls has some of the highest heat tides in the world.


Thanks for checking out my guide and I’ll see you back tomorrow!

~ L

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