The Power of a ‘Like’ Button

We took a picture, composed a caption, added a load of hashtags, and click post. The next few minutes determine whether the photo will stay posted or if we missed the mark. I’m 100 percent guilty of removing a photo if it didn’t get enough likes within a few minutes on my Instagram.

Likes have become a way people judge the status and impact of other members of our society. Think about when you scroll social media and click ‘like’. Do you really like the photo, caption, or person who posted it? Something made you double tap.

Seeing likes grow is an indicator you’re posting content other people enjoy spending their time reviewing. On the flip side the person who posted it can either become extremely motivated, wanting to post more, or extremely discouraged from sharing a timbit of their lives.

Rather than focuses on the opinions on others to tap a heart, remember social media is a business. Posts will be recommended based on time of day and photo quality. There are some parts controls likes which is out of our hands.

Life is more than being able to capture the perfect picture for social media. It’s about living life and using photos as a way to share your story with the world.

Does anyone else feel this way?

~ L

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  1. I like this post. Not just what it has to say but also because it made me think before I liked this 😁

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    1. Thanks for the support! We ‘like’ content easily without even reading or processing the information first.


      1. I try not to and actually think about what someone is trying to communicate but it is very easy to just like without meaning it.

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