Eating Routine – IIFYM Lifestyle

Growing up as a competitive dancer health and fitness has played a large role in my life. We needed to fuel our bodies to be able to perform our best. A few years ago I discovered If It Fits Your Macros lifestyle. I tried it for six months and loved the results I was seeing. However I also became extremely fixated on ensuring I was reaching my macros precisely (fats, protein, & carbs). Since I didn’t have a fitness coach I used as a reference for developing a plan. 

The main idea of this fitness lifestyle is based around the concept of if the gram and calorie breakdown fits in your allowed number of grams and calories for the day then you can eat it. For example: two slices of turkey bacon fit in my macro breakdown but a whole tray of brownies wouldn’t. You can have a small sugary treat, however then have to eat healthier foods to make up for it during the day.

In addition MyFitnessPal is extremely helpful and I reference it to this day. On this app you can also synch your fitness trackers and keep tabs on your progress. What I also like about this app is how it provides you nutritional information for sugars, vitamins, iron, and other micronutrients. 

Now I’m less regimented on my plan by not weighing foods and eyeballing portion sizes (ICE CREAM). I haven’t ever had a weight issue and also ensure I eat enough to fuel my body. Standing at 4’11” I’m extremely cautious of fluctuating weight since shorter frames show weight gain more easily and I become self conscious easily. Loving yourself not matter what size clothes you wear or how you look relative to a friend is the main message here. We are beautiful, or handsome if you’re a guy reading this, and we all should own it. Physical aging is inevitable, focus on your inner spark, and light up the world! 

Shine as bright as the sun and have a wonderful weekend, 

~ L  

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