Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

A few times a year I’ll get my nails painted at a salon before a trip. Other than that I paint my nails at home, trying to be frugal. At salons I often opt for Bio Seaweed Gel and when I saw a new gel nail polish by Sally Hansen for at home I was skeptical. A few of my friends really liked it, when it was on sale I picked up one colour – Malibu Peach.

Each Step retails in Canada for $10 a bottle. There is Step 1 – colour and Step 2 – clear coat. First you apply a coat of the colour, let us dry. Then repeat. Once both coats are dry then you apply a layer of clear coat.

One aspect I’ve noticed is the clear coat can sometimes bubble if the colour isn’t completely dry underneath. Using it the last few months, the nail polish will not chip and lasted a week on my nails.

Overall my rating is a 3 out of 4 stars.


Have you used the gel nail polish?

~ L

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