Navigating Public Transit

Happy Travel Tuesdays! Every time I write Tuesdays blog posts I get excited thinking where I should travel to next. Currently there aren’t any trips books – other than short summer weekend road trips. Hopefully in August I can getaway for a few days.

When traveling, many times to either immerse yourself fully in local culture, cut costs, or simply for convenience public transit is the way to go.

First and foremost ensure there are no safety advisories before taking public transit and be aware of any issues while traveling. Granted it’s always wise to exercise being aware of your surroundings and basic safety precautions.

Read maps or search for directions in the corner, walk into a tiny shop, or a well used side street. This is important to minimize drawing attention to yourself as a tourist.

Plan routes by checking if buses, trains, subways, etc. connect with each other.

Schedules alter as well based on time of day and weekday vs weekend. Apps are also handy!

Some transit systems offer deals if your using multiple transit systems back to back for one way. At home we use a Presto Card to load money onto and tap a machine to pay a set amount per transit system. Taken back to back can sometimes be cheaper if they offer a discount. Transferring from a bus to subway some stations here requires the bus driver to hand you a piece of paper as proof of payment to show when you enter the subway, so you don’t pay twice.

Navigating Toronto transit can be difficult but if you need any help, drop a comment below or send an email and I’d happily give you some guidance.

I’m always taking suggestions for blog ideas – drop a comment below.

~ L

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