Do you Meditate?

Happy Monday! On a mission to better myself I’ve turned to self improvement podcasts. Lately I’ve head a lot about the positive effects of meditating. If meditating leaves you feeling in the same state of relaxation as yoga then I’m game to try it!
Partially relating to experiencing a break up and trying to reflect on take away lessons from that relationship, I found I need to find comfort in my own skin before being able to let another person in.

Contributing to me building emotional walls is my anxiety over fear of changes. I worry I’m not ‘successful’ enough and compare to other friends, family, and acquaintances in my life. This is a toxic practice and one I’m going to work at breaking. This fear and level of comfort related to change has stopped me from growing into the best person I can be.

To drop this stress and pressure many people rave over those few minutes of their day spent meditating. Refocusing their energy and mind to a clearer place. I’m thinking I’m going to give this a try. Would anyone else be interested in a 10 day meditation challenge?

Let’s start off small and go from there.

Let me know,

~ L

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  1. Julia says:

    Hi, I’ve been meditating since the 90’s. Relaxation/Centering when needed is a promising use of meditation. It also brings me closer to my truth, creates a body energy to allow emotional healing, and creates space so I respond to situations not react. It’s a subtle shift. All of a sudden one day, you realize that you feel and act in a more peaceful way. So cool!

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    1. Thank you for joining us! Good for you for keeping up with meditation. I woke up early this morning and thought today is the day I’ll going to try to meditate with the ‘Headspace’ app. My mind did wonder a lot. Do you have any tips for focusing or will it come in time?


      1. Julia says:

        Your mind will always wander. Over time it may wander less or you will become more aware of it wandering. All you do is return to the meditation. The meditation is bringing yourself back. My mind wanders at different speeds all the time. I also use a word to assist the focus…like peace or surrender. That way your mind has something to do. Then when it wanders off. You notice it. Then just return to the word or breathe focus. I think Westerns think your thoughts vanish if you do it right…but the don’t. It’s about being present with whatever is happening. Does that help?

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      2. Helps immensely!! Thank you so much!!

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      3. Julia says:


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  2. I need motivation to start Yoga! I’ve told myself I will start it for years. Even bought a mat but haven’t done one thing about it!

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    1. Try starting with a few minutes a day of just stretching. There are a lot of YouTube videos you could try or search for a local studio. I find it helps when I bring a friend to try something new and keep each other accountable.

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  3. StephJ says:

    Happy Monday! I would like to invite you to my Friday Follow Blog party happening THIS Friday! I hope you can make it 🙂

    Have a great week. xo

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    1. Happy Monday as well! Thanks for your comment and invite. I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

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      1. StephJ says:

        awesome! I look forward to it 🙂

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