Chocolate Covered Bananas

Happy Fit Fridays! Earlier this week I was craving ice cream and tried to curb it with Chocolate covered Bananas. Well it worked for a day, then I ended up picking up some So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream the next day. Anyways in a pinch we usually keep a whole lot of frozen bananas in the freezer for baking, shakes, or eating as an ice cream substitute. To change it up I made My Magic Shell Recipe to accompany a banana and it was oh so yummy!


One mistake that I did make was leaving out the bananas too long after removing the peel, maximum should be only a few minutes. I was also in the process of making a Greek dinner for my mom and I, which pulled me away.


I do recommend leaving out the bananas with the peel on for a few minutes to make removing the peel easier. Once the peel is removed, move quickly to chop into slices, place on a baking sheet with parchment paper, and drizzle with Magic Shell.


Once the chocolate hardens move straight to a bowl to enjoy or eat them right off the pan. Whatever your style is, I’m not judging! You bet I called the chocolate spoon afterwards.

Have a wonderful weekend,

~ L

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  1. So you freeze the bananas in skin. Then if wanting ice cream do you just thaw them a little? Do they have to be really ripe bananas 🍌?

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    1. Hello! Yes I Freeze them with the peel on and then let them defrost for a few minutes before cutting off the peel. You can either eat them after or mix in a blender with a small amount of any type of milk and ice.

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      1. I see so needs the milk to make like ice cream.

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      2. I’ve tried it both ways (with and without milk) and enjoyed them!

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