Long Weekend Wardrobe

Hi Everyone and welcome back to Wardrobe Wednesdays. On a recent trip to Ottawa I learned how crucial it was to layout your outfits before hand for light packing. Here is a quick little step be step guide of how to mix and match pieces. Spring is a beautiful time however it also can mean temperatures change very quickly throughout the day.

Start by making you agenda then selecting the best kind of clothing for those activities. Some excursions or attractions have specific requirements for no dangling items, small personal bags, no belts, etc. Be sure to check before packing!

Start with the staple pieces:

  • Jeans – Taking you from Day to Night, jeans are always handy to have with you. I wore a pair on the plane, since the flight was less than an hour, and packed another pair of ‘jeggings’.
  • Scarf – Blanket on the plane, extra layer in the rain, and something soft to wear if you’re cold in the hotel room. Scarves are the best!
  • Long Sleeve – A light one for layering
  • Jacket – I did go overboard here and packed three kinds: Jean jacket, Light coat, and Black Rain coat.
  • Shoes – Two day shoes (runners and booties) then a pair of heels for night. Discovered the bottom grip of my heel snapped off, which could explain why I was slipping a lot, at the end of the second night. The booties were perfect for the last night to take place of heels. Versatility is key!
  • T-Shirt Dress – These will be my new favourites foe summer! Old Navy was having a sale and they were under $20 each!
  • Blouses – Three to select from in solid colours.

Fill in with the other nice to haves:

  • Accessories – Three necklaces (standard pendant I wear almost everyday, drop ey, and a large statement one borrowed from my mom!) and two pair of earnings (pearls and gold dangle ones).
  • Comfies – Lulu lemon shorts, fuzzy socks, tank, workout crop top, and a sweater

Ensure to leave room for your essentials:

  • Toiletries – Tried to keep mine as simple as possible and all liquids under 100 mls.
  • Under garments – Do not forget these!

Selecting clothes in solid prints which you feel comfortable and confident in are important when selecting items. One or two patterned pieces great to mix in match, especially accessories. Change up a top with a belt and long necklace. Or tuck a blouse into a pair of jeans with heels and drop earnings for night.

Often find I have many layers on in the morning and by afternoon a few are tied around my waist or shoved in my large purse. Also remember to bring a day bag or purse, among with a smaller one for night.

I ended up having two leftover shirts I didn’t wear. My pajama’s were the same for three nights, I showered ever night before bed so they were fairly clean. At home I change them every night but had to keep it light for carry-on only.

In hindsight also wished I packed flip flops for the room but wore whatever shoes I had used that day.

My grey dress, blue ruffle shirt, and jean jacket were all from Old Navy. They are having a 30% off sale and these items were included – at the time of this post wall three items are less than $20 each! I picked up both the dress and shirt in two colours!

Happy Shopping,

~ L

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**Not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**


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  1. I love these looks, so fun and stylish!
Let’s follow each other darling.
Love from lensembledujour.wordpress.com

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