20 Minutes is all it takes

20 minutes is 1% of your day. Is there something which you really want to do but haven’t had the chance to. Try taking 20 minutes a day or week to set aside time to work on your goal.

This could be as simple as writing more, exercising by walking, tidying up, or calling your parents to catch up.
What ever you choose you, try it out for 12 weeks and see how accomplished you will feel.

When I get stressed and overwhelmed I let clutter build up around me both mentally and physically. I can always tell when I’m stressed because I let my room become a mess (aka a few clothes on the ground and some bags). Once a situation unwinds I go on a cleaning binge tidying up, I’m not one for dusting or scrubbing surfaces haha. To keep my space clean I like to spend 20 minutes on Sunday tidying up before starting the week. If it isn’t done in that allotted time then it waits until the next week.
Let me know how this goes for you!
~ L

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