Hitting Close to Home – Sheryl Sandberg

A few weeks ago, straight off the press, I grabbed myself a copy of Option B by Sheryl Sandberg. After reading her first book, Lean In, I was sceptical of how this book would differ. Once I started to read, I was transported to a whole different mindset than her first book.

Option B tugged at my heart strings and not just because Sheryl described every struggle but because she proved that someone who looks to have everything together can really be struggling internally.

Next month is the anniversary of my dad’s passing, nine years to be exact. There are days which prove to still be a struggle. As the anniversary comes to light, my family and I find we bring him up more in conversations. Majority of the time it’s happy, funny memories.

Option B is one of those books I’m going to have to read again to fully grasp all of her information. Using experiences by other people to make lessons relatable captures the readers attention and has you thinking the whole time.


I walked away with a new perspective of how to tackle issues and flip a switch in my mind to preserve during those tough times. Growing up I saw how resilient my mom was and I’m incredibly thankful to have her as a role model.

Option B is a must read for everyone, also check out Lean In.

Thanks for reading! See you back tomorrow!

~ L

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