Secrets on my Phone

There was a recent study showing people would rather share a toothbrush with someone they didn’t know than hand over their unlocked phone. Yes, we love our phones that much but what is so incriminating on them?!
Here what’s on my phone these days:

Spotify, RadioPlayer App, Music: In the mornings I jam out to music and it helps get me in the groove to work. I like to switch it up between different options and variety of genres.

Podcasts: Listening to Podcasts when I need a boost in the afternoon, they can provide some motivation when you’re in need of a pick me up. My current favourites are: Ted Talks, Lewis Howes, & Amanada Bucci radio. Do you have any recommendations?

Overdrive account: Thanks to the Toronto Public Library I can rent books on the go without having to pay for them. With city commutes on the subway is helps the time fly by while learning or becoming engrossed in a story.

Notes, Reminders, & Calendar: I use these for everything. If I don’t write it down chances are I might forget about it. I like to call it brain dumps when I take all the thoughts in my mind, put it in writing, then organize it per category.

Starbucks: Yesss, collecting stars and not having to carry around my card is worth the storage space for the app. Haha

MyFitnessPal: Perfect for tracking food or checking nutrition when I’m out and about.

WordPress, Instagram, Snapchat, & 
Facebook: My social media go to’s and getting to connect with all of you!

VSCO Cam: I use this to edit photos sometimes and brighten them.
Spending App:Managing finances is important to me for long term financial freedom of being able to retire by the time I’m 67 and buying a home in the next decade. Traveling is my main priority for short term before I settle down but it can be very expense. Tracking in an app helps to see exactly where all my money goes.
Flipp: This app is amazing for sourcing local deals and creating shopping lists. Who doesn’t love a good deal!
Lumosity: These games are addicting! Everyday is a variation of three games to increase your cognitive ability. They are so much fun! My friend introduced a group of us to it when we were out one night and I’ve played it almost every day.
What are three apps on your phone?
~ L

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