Ottawa Guide

Last week for our long weekend a few of the girls and I packed up for a short trip to Ottawa – Canada’s capital city. With lots of political places to see it took me right back to my Grade 8 grad trip. Although this time we wondered more freely than having a set agenda.


The last two days were quite rainy and chilly but when you’re away you have to make the best of it. A few must see places we listed as our top choices were:

1) Parliament Hill – Free tours in English and French, you can go inside and see where all decisions are made. We waited in line for an english tour but all were sold out by 10 am and we opted for a french tour. I’m the only one in our group of girls who cannot speak french and honestly didn’t have a hot clue what our tour guide was discussing. Thankfully the girls translate a lot for me. Beware security checks are tight and best to bring a small be leaving selfie sticks back home.
2) Majors Hill – A stunning view where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau Canal.
3) Tomb of the Unmarked Soldier – Representing all the lives lost at war, the Tomb of the Unmarked Soldier is a place to pay our respects. There are soldiers standing on guard by the tomb for an hour.
4) Changing of the Guards – Every hour at the Tomb of the Unmarked Soldier guards change with a ceremony. It was powerful see and made us thankful for all who give their lives.
5) Rideau Canal – Famous for skating in the winter season, the Rideau Canal is also a sight  when it isn’t frozen over.
6) Byward Market – One of my favourite places to explore was Byward market. It is a large stretch of streets with shops, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and performances. From day to night there was always something happening.
7) Peace Tower – Connected to Parliament Hill, the Peace Tower houses a special clock. Most tours of Parliament Hill will include the Peace Tower for free.
8) Ottawa River – For another scenic shot walk along the Ottawa River.
9) Supreme Court of Canada – Where all large cases go to court, the Supreme Court also offers free tours.
10) Tulip Festival – For a short few days, Ottawa is home to the famous Tulip Festival. It was worth the walk!
11) Royal Canadian Mint – Curious how our coins are made? Well the Royal Canadian Mint takes you inside and gives you a tour of how our coins are made. As this is top secret no pictures were allowed!
12) Prime Ministers House – Home of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is located at 24 Sussex Drive. He currently isn’t residing in the home because of black mood issues but after renovations will be. You can walk right past on the side walk but it is heavily guarded with lots of bushes and trees to block views.
Updated: This was becoming fairly lengthy thus I’ve broken my list up into two parts. The second half can be found here.
Thanks for reading,
~ L

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