Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. This weekended turned out to be a quieter one with a girls dinner on Friday night, then helped my sister leave for her European trip, and Sunday went shopping with a friend before some family time.
A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I broke up after being together just shy of a year. Heartbreak is always painful and recovering is a journey. There are a few ways I’ve used to ease the pain and heal.
Social media is dangerous after a break up and especially when people unfriend or unfollow you. Try to stay off for the most part if you can. It’s all too tempting to refresh their profile multiple times but intimately it will only make you more upset.
Write a journal to reflect on your feeling which you wouldn’t or aren’t ready to share with your closest friends and family.
Confine in your friends and family. Thankfully I have a wonderful support system and everyone was there to help me out. We already had a long weekend trip planned, which aided in some distractions. But whenever I brought up something the girls were always there to listen and share their insights.
Breathe in the great outdoors and change up your scenery. We do need our time to ourselves but getting some Vitamin D and fresh air is healthy for our bodies.
Interact with people – take a walk, grab a coffee, or leave the house. Again try not to isolate yourself for too long. There is a whole world outside your door to explore and you don’t want to miss something.
Many people would relate a break up to a death. It’s the ending of a relationship where you most likely won’t be seeing this person frequently or at all if that’s what they wanted. Dealing with quite a few large deaths in my life I’ve learned it’s okay to be sad, upset, and left wondering about what could of been. You will think of your ex, it’s going to happen, in time these thoughts will fade. When you feel sad, think of one happy memory with them. This will turn pain and bitterness into a kinder emotion. At the other end of the spectrum realize there would of also been issues and it wasn’t meant to be. There is someone out there for you, give it time.
Keep in touch,
~ L

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