Calories in Alcohol

Happy Friday! As this weather warms up I hear more people talking about drinks on the patio and soaking up the sun. I have to admit it is one of my favourite parts of summer. However, depending on the types of drinks they can add up in calories and sugar quickly. There are  few drinks I have quite enjoyed which are slightly healthier if you’re going to indulge.

Alcohol has always been a touchy subject in my house as we have a strong history of alcoholics. When I first became of legal drinking age I would have a drink here and there but nothing to become drunk. It’s important to me to still have fun going out sober and not only reply on substances to fuel a good time. In no way do I ever promote binge drinking as it’s dangerous and extremely unhealthy for your bodies. With this in mind if you ever notice someone who you believe could be going down a lethal path, please consult professional help and best guide this person back to stability.

I still enjoy having drinks on weekends and wanted to share some of my favourites with you. I learned this phrase back in the day at university and it’s stuck with me:

“Beer before liquor never been sicker, Liquor before beer in the clear”

Be careful with mixing types of alcohol in the same time period – often best to stick to the same one. Also keeps snacks within reach to help absorb the drinks. Without further a do, here are my top selections:

Brickworks Cider: 100 percent apples and GMO free this is by ar my favourite cider, I prefer the white cans as well! Apples are naturally high in sugars so don’t be surprised this is on the sweeter side with approximately 220 calories (25 grams of carbs) per one can serving of 473 mls.


Wine: I prefer white wine over red but lately have had troubles sleeping after drinking it. Even the smallest glass has me up every hour watching the clock. When I do have some my favourite are Rieslings from Peller Estates, Angel Gate, and Sketches; Whitehaven is another vineyard I quite enjoy. White wine ranges from 135 to 165 calories per small glass.


Beer: A few summers ago was when I started acquiring a taste for beer. Find people either loves it or can’t stand it. I’m still working on a kind I like but most contain many carbs ranging from 90 to 150 calories per bottle.


Vodka Waters: One of the stronger alchols I drink, based on my European roots, is vodka. My favourite is more on the pricey side: Grey Goose. One shot (1 oz) of vodka is about 70 calories.


Mojitos – hold the sugar or syrups: Refreshing on a hot day, mojitos are becoming my go to drink. A mix of white rum, limes, mint, club soda, and ice, it’s lower on sugar and fairly hydrating. Similar to vodka rum is 70 calories per 1 oz shot.


With all alcohol it’s important to know your limit. Have a glass of water with your drinks and mix up sips between water and alcoholic drinks. Recommended to have one full glass of water for every alcoholic drink consumed as it will dehydrate you, especially on hot days.

What are your favourite drinks,

~ L

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