Traveling Carry On Only

Before leaving for Ottawa I set out to give myself the challenge of only packing carry on. I joked around with my friends about it. When one of my friends moms found out we’d checked luggage for other long weekend getaways she highly recommended we completely cut down and  solely bring a carry on. As a strong believer of giving yourself a challenge every day, this one was huge for me.

I’ve always over packed since I was little, could stem from being in girl guides and always wanting to be prepared. Funny now how it took my all these years to attempt to pack light. Here are a few things I found helped me this past weekend.
1) Packing cubes – The Heys packing cubes make a huge difference in keeping yourself organized and helping to pack lighter.
2) Wear shirts once, pants two or three times – Yes you might have to re-wear clothes. I’ve also washed clothes in the hotel sinks with tiny Tide detergent packs, those were quite useful to have.
3) Layer to give different looks – a tank top with a button down shirt and pants can easily be swapped out for a different button down with long necklace to change it up. Also can style your hair differently and it will look like a whole new outfit.
4) Lightly accessorize – bring a few different necklaces to switch up with tops. A small one is perfect for day, then can wear a larger on for dinner.
5) Layout all your clothes – Layout out everything you plan to pack and make outfits before you leave. Even store each outfit in a ziploc bag and label it so you won’t be searching for it.
6) Use a large tote – Since I love to eat and try to stay healthy while traveling I pack a lot of my own snacks. I do share with the girls, don’t worry. But I took a large purse in addition to my carry on suitcase to store everything.
7) Multipurpose items – Try to bring multi purpose items to aid in cutting down weight. My latest hack is using Baby Soap as a shampoo, body wash, face wash, and liquid hand soap. Shoutout to my sister for this hack!

 If you’re planning on also bring back a few shopping goodies be sure to account for the added weight and leave room in your bag.

I’d love to hear if your a light or heavy packer?
~ L

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