Drop your Phone

As this world becomes more and more digital based we’re gluded to our devices. Which also means our attention has to be divided between responding to texts, snapchats, emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Whatsapps, and any other communication platform. All in addition to every other function we use our phones for.

At the end of our lives how scary would it be to see the amount of times we spent on a computer, phone, tablet, and any other devices developed in our existence. Terrifying!
Here’s the thing when I’m on my phone responding to one message and a notification advises of another message – I have to respond to the first original message or I’ll forget to respond! It’s not because I have short term memory loss, but I’ll become overwhelmed with the amount of information  coming my way at one given point in time.
Receiving a message is always appreciated, so long it’s nice haha. Most of us know the feeling of checking our phone after hours to see not a single message waiting and that’s okay. Life isn’t measured by the amount of digital interactions we have. So take time to put away your phone and live in the moment. otherwise you could miss out on a lot of experiences.
Have a great day,
~ L

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