Change of Plans – Alone in Tim Hortons

12:45 pm struck and I was itching to get out of the office for lunch break. All morning I had watched rain fall in the outside world while I was glued to my desk wishing to have a breathe of fresh air. Despite all the work on my to do list for the office I still couldn’t collect my thoughts to brainstorm what to write for this blog. Pressuring myself to think quick on the spot I was indirectly limiting my creative outlet. I had planned to discuss backyard designs and how we are prepping for summer. However the weather here is still cold and wasn’t working to my advantage. Hopefully the next few days will warm up to 30 degree weather!

Instead of being in my zone and writing I found myself sitting at a Tim Hortons alone drinking a non sweetened iced coffee with milk and people watching while wondering how I can get out of this muck. Here’s the thing, life will hit us with challenges and throw us off our ideal course, we all know this. What happens next is determined by how you choose to deal with these hurdles. Everyone will have a different process to heal and that is okay. We could be shattered by an incident then terrified for what lies ahead but the thing to know is you’re not alone. With over 7 billion people in this world, I can guarantee you someone is feeling similar to you. Confine in your support circle of people you can trust for support and always be there for each other.

This was a completely random blog but sometimes to connect with other people you have to look at yourself and recognize you’re trying to figure out life as much as the next person beside you. Relationships end. But at the end of a storm comes a rainbow, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for one.

Stay strong.

~ L

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