Traveling with Friends

Hi everyone! Every time I go away and get stressed I try to change my focus into noting how fortunate I am to have the luxury of going away. Traveling alone you pretty much follow your own agenda and pick what you want to do. With friends it’s a whole other story. Next week is a long weekend here and I recruited some girls for a short trip away. We’ll be visiting Ottawa! If you have any suggestions of where to visit, please let me know!

Some of us have travelled together before before but we are very liked minded individuals and get along easily. Hopefully this trips runs fairly smoothly! To help everyone have a nice break away, here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. List Top 3 Things you can leave without doing/seeing: This goes for everyone in the group. Plan your agenda around ensuring everyone has their Top 3 checked off by the ned of the trip. This also means providing equal time and consideration into how long each event will take to check off.
  2. Be courteous of friends budgets: There needs to be compromise in a group. Part of traveling is pushing your boundaries, try something new. You may find you really enjoyed a certain attractions you would have originally crossed off. It’s okay to break the group up if needed. Some people don’t want to pay admission fees or spend hours in the Museum. Try to discuss what everyone in the group is comfortable paying and work within those limitations. If you do split up, let each other know where you plan to go and ideally keep a line of communication open. Also set a meeting spot, i.e. 5 pm at your hotel room.
  3. Schedule food breaks: I kid you not on last years May long weekend trip we scheduled our day around food and caffeine breaks. Since you’ll most likely be walking, standing, and generally burning a lot of energy it’s important to stay fuelled. Plus who doesn’t love to indulge on vacation!
  4. Early Riser or Night Owl: Determine before you go if everyone will wake up at the same time and stay out together. This is all important to know at the start of your trip. Some of us like showering at night where some shower in the morning. We worked our morning routines around eachother and all got out the door with ease. Why start your morning with frustration when you could play some music for a dance party while waiting for your friends?!
  5. Take Pictures: Pictures act as a memory aid. I love pictures and take way too many of them on trips. I’ll be on Instagram stories all weekend. But it’s also nice to catch candid ones of friends. Just be sure to share them afterwards.
  6. Avoid Disagreements: Spending a few consecutive days with friends can either bring you closer or put a wedge between you. Don’t spend your time to be stress free worked up about something which won’t matter in a month. Have fun and make good memories!

What are your travel tips?

~ L

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