We All Scream For Ice Cream

Happy Happy Friday! Every day there is a reason but especially Fridays! If I had to pick one dessert for the rest of my life, ice cream would certainly take top choice. What would yours be?

Manufacturers are quite wise selling a wide variety of container sizes for ice cream. I honestly used to think the smaller size containers were personal ones and larger for a family. After investigating labels a little more closely for nutrition, smaller pint size containers actually contain four recommended servings! Typically I’d consume at least two of those recommended servings in one sitting.

When a container is larger we tend to take a larger portion in correlation with the physical size of the container. Keeping this in mind try next time you’re estimating nutrition intake, picture how most recommended portions are 1/2 cup and how this suggestion compares to your normal portion size for one sitting.

Changing up to use a smaller bowl and spoon will help when cutting down portion sizes.

There should also be no shame if once in a while you each directly out of the container, you bet we all have those weeks where a small bowl isn’t going to cut it!

Have a great weekend,

~ L

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