Boots & Hearts – Camping Adventures

Attending at least one music festival is on most peoples bucket lists. Last summer one of my good friends wanted to attended a country music festival – Boots & Hearts. Growing up I had my fair share of country tunes at the cottage but generally listed to a mix and more upbeat pop songs. But what the heck, we’re young once and should live it up! So I loaded up my phone with my friends country playlist a few months before the festival and discovered a whole new genre of music. Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, and Chase Rice are a few of my favourite artists present day.


We chose to camp because it was way cheaper and also added another element of fun. Boy were we right! Luckily a few other friends were going and we were able to combine another resources to fill our campsite. A few essentials:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Champ chairs
  • Blanket for the ground
  • Coolers with food
  • A ton of water!
  • Something to create a shaded area
  • Baby wipes
  • Portable charger
  • Sunscreen & Aloe


Yes I listed baby wipes as an essential. Showers were $10 each time from a hose on the side of a truck. We ended up showering at a large watering tank near the side of the forest. In between it’s blazing hot and baby wipes were perfect for wiping down and feeling semi cleaner. This years location was on a large open property with no shade, bring something to create a shaded area for yourselves.

Concerts didn’t start until around noon and in the mornings we usually hung out at our campsite. Everyone around us was fairly friendly. Besides a few minor incidents from sites around us we all managed to get along. Bring a frisbee, football, cards, or another activities to pass the time.


In regards to food, pack a cooler with lots of ice. We made a lot of food before hand as none of us owned a portable grill. Everything kept nicely as we topped up with ice they sold at the site. It will be expensive though. On the last day we bought dinner because we mainly only had non perishable snacks left and were getting hungry!

Money can be added to your wristband, which must be worn at all time, before you go. There are areas to top up your writs bands on site, as well as a general store if you forget essentials. Once you enter the grounds you’re not allowed to leave in a vehicle and come back in. When you’re parked, you’re there for all four days! Any money not used will be reimbursed as a credit to your accounts – wither debit or credit card.

Salads in ziploc bags were always one of my favourite menu items growing up camping. Place everything, except for dressing, in a ziploc bag. When you’re ready to eat, add the dress, and shake it all up. Takes up barely any room and works well to add protein at the end.

Don’t forget a portable charger to keep your devices charged and ready to capture every moment. These will make for excellent memories.


On the last day we discovered our friends cars battery was drained and needed a boost. They did have tow trucks around to help out thankfully. Also lots of guys with pick up trucks were more than willing to help us out and provide jumper cables. Don’t forget your emergency car kits for the road, especially if you’re taking lots of road trips.

Overall it I’m glad I could experience this once and may go back in the future.

Happy camping!

~ L

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