First off I know very little about how to fix a broken car. If I were ever stuck on the side of the road alone, I’d seriously have not a hot clue where to begin a diagnostics, thus joining CAA was a must when I first received my drivers license. The Canadian Automotive Association (CAA) has membership to cover roadside assistance, travel insurance, and discounts at many retailers. One aspect people may not realize is the membership is tied to a person, not a vehicle. Thus it doesn’t matter what car you’re traveling in when an emergency occurs.

For traveling you can get travel insurance there outside of your regular coverage, if you have it with your employer. There also have free travel book and maps. As much as I love Google Maps and quick searches, when planning a road trip its fun to lay out a giant map on the travel and see mark pit stops along the way. Also cool to see a more scenic route.

We love going for afternoon tea with my family and one tearoom gave us a discount because I had my CAA card on us, saving us money!

Highly recommend when you have any membership check out everything that is included and if you think you’ll ever use it. I’ve become stuck on the side of the highway a few times and CAA was always there to rescue us, even when it was a 45-minute tow to our mechanic.

Safety first my dears,

~ L

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