Sydney, Australia Travel Guide

Happy Travel Tuesday! This is becoming one of my favourite series to write about. Each time we’ve covered a part of Australia I catch myself day dreaming about when I can go back. In Sydney especially I felt right at home and didn’t want to leave. If it wasn’t for my family and friends back home I almost considered applying for a working visa while I was there. Maybe that will come in the future.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities with a population of 4.293 million people according to good ole Google.

There are many iconic landmarks in Sydney which top the must see list:

The Opera House – Gorgeous from a far this iconic landmark for many backdrops is well worth a visit. For the two days we were in Sydney it rained and dark clouds were in all photos! I didn’t take a tour because I wanted to explore the city but many friends who did said they enjoyed the tour.


Harbour Bridge – Another Iconic backdrop beside The Opera House is the Harbour Bridge, great for pictures! There are restaurants, running paths, and park areas all around to take in the sights from many angles.

Bridge Climb – This activity was on my bucket list since I was a teenager and honestly didn’t think I’d get to cross it off because of all the rain. My last day in Sydney was also my last day on the Contiki. Luckily the rain was light enough where we could still climb to top but became very wet along the way. Beware you’re not allowed to bring anything physically on to the bridge with you other than sunglasses, they provide lockers to store your belongings in.


Manly Beach – Despite the rainy morning we made it to Manly Beach. It’s a very tiny area but somehow one of my friends and I missed the ferry. Yes, we were the first in our tour guides history to do so! But likely made it back for her re-scheduled Opera house tour and my bridge climb.


Bondi Beach – Wish I made it here but with awful weather it wasn’t going to happen. When I go back I’ll be sure to check out this beach.

Happy travels!

~ L

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