Think of the Outcome

Happy Monday! How was your long weekend? Toronto is all excited about the Maple Leafs making the Playoffs, the whole city was watching either basketball, hockey, or baseballl on Saturday! I went out on Saturday with some friends to watch the game and the rest of the weekend was family time.

We all need motivation once in a while. For today’s piece of motivation think of the outcome at the end of the process for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. What will be accomplished? How will you feel? Where can you go from there?

For example, if you wanted to RUN longer distances the first time you go for a run could be exhausting. You may believe you were more fit than you were, not wanting to admit this to the world though haha. After a few times of repeating this run, your times will improve and after you’ll feel less tired, capable of running further.

When we think of the end goal it can make the path to get there seem less challenging and clearer. Try this next time you need to motivate yourself.

Even right after lunch at work. Picture your commute home and walking in the front door at home. How settling it is to get home and relax.

I can picture it now as I stay on the train swaying back and forth. Pulling into the driveway, unlocking the front door, turning on the kettle to make tea, changing into comfy clothes, and then making dinner.

On that note, I’m almost home!

Have a great day,
~ L


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