50 Day Chocolate Cleanse

Happy Monday! Four days until the long weekend and closer to the first time I can eat chocolate! Woo hoo! I have a massive sweet tooth and every night for a few weeks straight I would have chocolate before retiring for the day. Gradually more and more chocolate would get consumed in a single sitting. It was time to change this and with summer shredding underway it was a perfect opportunity to give up chocolate for 50 days!

These last two weeks have been the hardest, probably because I know I’m near the end. Craving sweets and staring at all the chocolate everyday as I walk by convenience stops in the subway has tested resilience. Truly this “cleanse” had some errors as I still eat a lot of sugar. Next year maybe I’ll go for a complete sugar cleanse….ahhhhh has anyone done this?!?!

To make sure I didn’t touch any of the treats at home I collected all my chocolate temptations and stored them in the freezer. I’ve already set a calendar date on Saturday evening to take them out! Ahhhhh I’m so excited.

Favourite chocolate I’m looking forward to is peanut butter and chocolate, best combination! What are your favorites types of chocolate?

~ L

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