Budgeting for a Trip

How exciting is it to take a trip and escape to somewhere new?! Rush of adrenaline embarking on a quick adventure…can  you tell I’m ready to go?! Haha well before booking any trip it’s important to have a budget in mind and take all costs into consideration. There are some expenses you can factor in before going but exploring can add up quickly! Starting a collection of shot glasses and ball cap hats from the places I’ve travelled the last few years.
  1. Transportation – Account for getting from home to your destination
  2. Public transit or cabs – while you’re exploring there are many forms of transportation but always pick the safest one. You could rent a bike during the day, or take public buses.
  3. Hotel or Accommodation – Most importantly somewhere to safe and get some sleep
  4. Food & Drinks – You’ll have to eat and refuel! Making the most of the day can get tiring. I often like to enjoy a glass of wine at dinner when I’m on shorter trip and have brunch rather than a separate breakfast and lunch.
  5. Baggage fees – Many places are charging additional fees if you plan to travel with a checked bag.
  6. Attraction entrance fees – If you’re going to visit local tourist attractions many places have entrance fees.
  7. Before you go – Any items you’ll need to buy before going including toilettes, clothes, or personal items.
  8. Souvenirs – Bringing back something for family, friends, someone special, or yourself is always appreciated but can pricey for tourist items.
  9. Shopping and spending money – Especially at one of a kind markets it’s nice to support someone directly, allow money in your budget if you like to pick up small goods along the way.
  10. Tips & Extra Fees – One hotel we stayed at had a fee to store our luggage for a few hours between check out and our flight. They’ll also expect a tip! Most places it’s customary to leave tips ranging from 10 to 20 percent.
There may be places you’ll only travel to once in your life. You deserve to treat yourself and buy a latte you won’t have everyday, enjoy a steak dinner, or visit a world renowned spa. Life is about these little moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
~ L

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